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Silicone roof restoration

Installing a new roof over an existing roof system is risky and increases the chances of roof problems by roughly 50%. A roof restoration is not considered a second roof and does not pose the same threat as installing a new roof over an existing roof. Plus, a roof restoration typically costs 50-60% less than a complete roof replacement. Our restoration products are seamless, lightweight, 100% waterproof and virtually unaffected by long-term UV exposure, chemical contaminants and ponding water. They are extremely breathable, which allows trapped moisture vapors to escape through the new membrane.

Services we offer

+ Silicone Roof Restorations

+ Leak Detection and Repair

+ non-disruptive, seamless roofing systems

+ warranties up to 20 years

+ impeccable quality, value and efficiency

+ step-by-step communication

+ Flat roof Repair and Maintenance

+ Roof Inspections and Reports

+ insurance claim assistance

+ "energy star rated" solutions

+ tailored solutions to your situation

+ full restorations and repairs

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